Washington Hospital Center

MedStar and the Washington Hospital Center

The MedStar Washington Hospital Center was founded in 1958, when three smaller medical facilities were merged to create one organization. The Washington Hospital Center’s large staff allows it to provide primary, secondary, and tertiary care to patients. The Washington Hospital Center is among the 50 largest hospitals in the United States,with 1,407 physicians on staff and 28 clinical residency and fellowship programs. The Washington Hospital Center is also a non-profit care facility, and in 2011 alone the facility provided $107.2 million in unsponsored care while adhering to the quality guidelines set forth by MedStar Health.

MedStar Health prioritizes quality of care and says that its goal is to provide more information to patients so that they are able to make the best decisions regarding their own health and the health of loved ones. MedStar Health also boasts its commitment to a patient-first philosophy, combining care, compassion, and clinical excellence while also emphasizing customer service. The organization regularly surveys current and former patients to confirm that expectations for quality of care are always being met.

Ramin Rak and the Washington Hospital Center

Following graduation from the Free University of Brussels, Ramin Rak received additional medical training at the Washington Hospital Center. Ramin Rak completed an externship followed by an internship at the Washington, DC location of the medical center. Next, Ramin Rak completed a yearlong General Surgery residency in the Department of Neurosurgery of the Washington Hospital Center. The experience he gained on the job paved the way for Ramin Rak to have a long, successful career as a neurosurgeon.

During his time at the Washington Hospital Center, Ramin Rak received several awards. The Washington Hospital Center sponsors a poster presentation competition among residents to encourage research and growth. In 2000 he twice received the “Best Resident Poster Presentation” award and the “Resident First Place Poster Presentation” award. He received two more “Resident Poster Participation” awards in 2001.