Ramin Rak, MD is an accomplished neurosurgeon who uses micro-neurosurgical techniques to treat New York patients. Ramin Rak, MD is also active as a medical researcher, and he examines trends in micro-neurosurgical techniques. This research has been published in dozens of professional medical journals dating back to the 1990s. In those years, articles by Ramin Rak, MD appeared in journals as diverse as Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology, the Journal of Neurosurgery, and the Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences. To further illustrate the diversity of topics that Ramin Rak, MD has written about, below are some of his earliest published journal entries:

  • “Effects of Nitric Oxide on Reactive Oxygen Species Production and Infarction Size after Brain Reperfusion Injury.” Neurosurgery 48.4 (2001): 884-93.
  • “Improved Investigation of Portal-hepatic Veins by Echo-enhanced Doppler Sonography.”Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology 24.9 (1998): 1345-349.
  • “Isolated Intracranial Infection with Mycobacterium Avium Complex.” Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 47.2 (2004): 101-05.
  • “Neuroprotection by the Stable Nitroxide Tempol during Reperfusion in a Rat Model of Transient Focal Ischemia.” Journal of Neurosurgery 92.4 (2000): 646-51.
  • “Real-time Detection of Vascular Occlusion and Reperfusion of the Brain during Surgery by Using Infrared Imaging.” Journal of Neurosurgery 96.5 (2002): 918-23.

These are just five of the earliest journal entries written by Ramin Rak, MD and there have been numerous medical journal inclusions in recent years.

Ramin Rak, MD writes for medical publications because he sees the value they provide to the medical community. These publications are an excellent way to keep medical professionals, students, and the general public up to date on the latest medical technological advancements and practices. These publications typically publish original articles detailing new research or other  trends that are of interest to the medical community. Some journals will even focus on political, environmental, and economical trends that impact the professional’s ability to practice medicine. Ramin Rak, MD hopes that the research he has submitted to the previously mentioned publications will be used to improve the quality of care available to patients.