Ramin Rak Medical Journal Inclusions

Medical journals are an important resource that is responsible for keeping the medical community informed. Medical practitioners, students, and the public all benefit from having access to the latest research and trends within a specific medical field. These journals also help to unite the medical community on social, economic, and political issues that relate to their ability to practice medicine. Doctors submit the results of their original research to medical journals, and it is published if the journal’s editors feel that the research meets its quality standards. Therefore, doctors who boast many medical journal inclusions have been repeatedly recognized for submitting quality research write-ups.

Dr. Ramin Rak is highly respected as a neurosurgeon, and is regularly refining his micro-neurosurgical techniques so that he stays current on industry trends. It is no surprise that Ramin Rak has been asked to author dozens of articles for professional medical journals. Articles by Ramin Rak have appeared in journals as diverse as Bioinformation, Journal of Microscopy, Neurosurgery, and Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology. To illustrate the wide variety of topics Ramin Rak has written about, some of his most recent published journal entries are below:

  • “Bypass Grafting and Revascularization in the Management of Posterior Circulation Aneurysms.” Neurosurgery 55.5 (2004): 1036-049.
  • “Elimination of Scanning Electron Microscopy Image Periodic Distortions with Digital Signal-processing Methods.” Journal of Microscopy 224.1 (2006): 89-92.
  • “Endoscope-assisted Microsurgery For Microvascular Compression Syndromes.”Neurosurgery 54.4 (2004): 876-83.
  • “Identification of Electron Beam Vibration Sources by Separation of Magnetic Distortion from Electric Distortion on Scanning Electron Microscope Imaging.”Journal of Microscopy 237.3 (2010): 325-28.
  • “Separation of Image-distortion Sources and Magnetic-field Measurement in Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).” Micron 40.1 (2009): 46-50.

These are just 5 of the most recent journal articles written by Ramin Rak. Ramin Rak has also been asked to share his expertise as a microneurosurgeon at nearly 20 professional medical conferences. He currently practices at Neurological Surgery P.C. in Rockville Centre, New York.

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