Dr. Ramin Rak is an expert in micro-neurosurgical techniques, but specializes in treating brain tumors, performing complex spine surgeries, completing skull-based surgery, and performing awake craniotomiesDr. Ramin Rak has received praise for his ability to complete each of these procedures. In fact, Dr. Ramin Rak has been asked to present his techniques at nearly 20 professional conferences, has written about his techniques in papers that have been published in dozens of journals, and is academically active as well. Dr. Ramin Rak educates others on the following procedures:

Brain Tumors

A brain tumor is a tumor that is created by abnormal, uncontrollable cell division, and it can be located in the brain itself, in brain envelopes, in the cranial nerves, in the pituitary glands, or it can originate from cancers in other areas. Dr. Ramin Rak performs surgical treatments designed to confirm diagnosis, remove all or part of the brain tumor, improve quality of life by reducing symptoms, provide access for radiation/chemotherapy completion, and to provide access for delivering intra-surgical treatments

Complex Spine Surgeries

The spine is an important vertebral structure that transmits neural signals from the brain to the rest of the body. Damage to the spine impacts an individual’s ability to properly control movement, receive sensory information, and coordinate certain reflexes. Dr. Ramin Rak treats spine conditions like back pain, brain and spine traumas, herniated disk, spinal cord injuries, and spine tumors.

Skull-based Surgery

The skull is designed to house the brain and protect it from impact or trauma. However, the skull can in rare instances develop tumors inside or outside the structure. Surgery to remove these tumors is tricky, as this area contains so many blood vessels and nerves. Dr. Ramin Rak uses sophisticated imaging,  neuronavigational equipment, and constant electronic monitoring to perform skull-based surgery.

Awake Craniotomies

Dr. Ramin Rak is seen as one of the world’s leading experts on awake craniotomies, and has even authored a chapter on this procedure to the Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques. Dr. Ramin Rak needs to complete an awake craniotomy when a tumor is located deep in the brain intertwined with the tissue. Dr. Ramin Rak uses this procedure to ensure that individual motor skills, sensory skills, and linguistic skills stay intact throughout the procedure by asking patients to say or do certain things. This allows Dr. Ramin Rak to ensure that no mistakes have been made during the procedure, providing a level of safety that would be impossible to provide if the patient is asleep.

Dr. Ramin Rak performs these procedures at his Neurological Surgery P.C. office in Rockville Centre, New York.