Social Media

Ramin Rak MD has spent more than 20 years interacting with patients and using his bedside manner to prepare them for complex micro-neurosurgery that treats complex spinal problems, brain tumors, and skull-based tumors. Ramin Rak MD uses his advanced microneurosurgical techniques to complete procedures for patients in the New York area at Neurological Surgery, P.C. He is able to win over the trust of his patients by adding a personal touch to everything he does. Ramin Rak MD prepares patients for a procedure by putting their minds at ease. He explains how, in most cases, the patient will not experience pain, thanks to the anesthetics applied to the operating area, and since the brain tissue does not have pain receptors.

These precautions help patients feel relaxed before the procedure, but usually patients are already at ease, due to the patient trust that Ramin Rak MD has built. Ramin Rak MD uses modern social media to build patient trust by taking the time to personalize all communications. He recognizes that patients want to know more about their neurosurgeon than where he or she went to school.

Ramin Rak MD makes patients feel comfortable by sharing details on Tumblr about procedures he successfully performed. This will include new articles and stories detailing a successful surgical operation to treat a traumatic brain injury, as well as images of the doctor and his smiling patient following a successful operation. Ramin Rak MD is even able to check up on patients after the completion of surgery by staying active on sites like Google+.

Additionally, Ramin Rak MD invites his patients to write reviews on websites like Yahoo Local, Manta, and Merchant Circle.

By staying active on social media, Ramin Rak MD hopes that patients will recognize that microneurosurgical procedures are being performed by a doctor who cares about the wellbeing of his patients.