Ramin Rak MD Vycor VBAS

In 2010 Ramin Rak MD was asked to speak at the American Association of Neurological Surgeons Conference (AANS). The AANS is an organization that lobbies for issues important to neurosurgeons, supports aspiring neurosurgeons by providing grants and fellowships, and provides opportunities for interaction among professional neurosurgeons. One such opportunity for interaction is its annual conference,  which was held in Philadelphia in 2010.

At the conference Ramin Rak MD gave a short presentation about his use of Vycor Medical’s ViewSite Brain Access System (VBAS) during surgery. Ramin Rak MD showed a video of a surgical procedure performed on a 400-pound patient. The patient had been discharged from another hospital after surgeons found that his excess tissue and small neck, both side effects of his weight, prevented use of an x-ray system. The patient then came to Ramin Rak MD, who used Vycor Medical’s VBAS to access the patient’s brain. During the demonstration, Ramin Rak MD showed two videos of the procedure, one with Vycor’s VBAS and one without, explaining that the excess esophagus tissue (present due to his weight) would have been in the way and prevented use of a drill. Ramin Rak MD then pulled up a video taken at the end of the surgery, which showed that no damage had been seen in any of the surrounding structures.

Vycor’s VBAS is jointly distributed by Vycor Medical and Devon Medical Products, who says that the device makes it easier for neurosurgeons to access various regions of the brain. This makes it easier for Ramin Rak MD and other medical professionals to complete complex neurosurgical procedures without exposing them to risks associated with low accessibility. Vycor offers a number of different sizes so that the device can be used for brain tumors and many other conditions that neurosurgeons treat.

View the full video of the presentation that Ramin Rak MD gave at the AANS conference below, with Chinese subtitles: