Online Medical Community

Dr. Ramin Rak recognizes that the way patients acquire information has changed. Many patients used to ask friends, other doctors, or insurance providers to recommend the best specialist when it was necessary to treat a specific condition. Now patients turn to the internet to find the best doctors, reading patient reviews on sites like Vitals and HealthGrades, or comments left on a Facebook page. Doctors embrace these mediums because they want patients to view them as transparent.

While social media and review sites are a great way for patients to help one another find a qualified medical professional, there is also a lot that doctors can gain from interacting with one another on social media sites. Dr. Ramin Rak sees these websites as a great way to share information throughout the medical community. For this reason, Dr. Ramin Rak has become very active on a number of social media sites, sharing news articles, videos, and images.

Dr. Ramin Rak shares new stories about neurosurgery on Twitter, and on Pinterest. These stories detail ground-breaking neurosurgical research, accounts of complex surgeries completed successfully, and even information distributed by nonprofit organizations like the National Brain Tumor Association, which advocates for brain cancer research. Dr. Ramin Rak also shares his opinions on trending news stories on his personal WordPress blog, using his neurosurgical expertise to make new concepts and research easier to understand.

Dr. Ramin Rak also uses social media to stay in touch with other medical professionals. On Doctors Hangout, Dr. Ramin Rak interacts with current and future medical professionals. Dr. Ramin Rak stays active on this platform because he believes that sharing neurosurgical information with other medical professionals is the best way to improve neurosurgical care available to patients all over the world. Dr. Ramin Rak also informs others of his professional accomplishments using his profile on BigSight.

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